The Therapy Laser

LABpen® MED is a complete, portable, battery-powered soft laser device designed for applications in laser therapy and laser acupuncture.

The laser beam emitted by the LABpen® MED has a divergent, elliptical shape to ensure the large-area irradiation desired in laser therapy and thus also offers maximum safety in the handling of the device.

Complex electronics guarantee a constant, regulated output power for the laser light. All safety steps stipulated in the standards for medical laser devices were complied with during the development of our device.

A display shows all relevant information such as treatment time and status.
The LABpen® MED Laser has a timer ranging from 10 sec-onds to 15 minutes, making it possible to work comfortably with the appliance.

Various additional heads (focussing for acupuncture, with light guides for regions in the ear and dental areas) can be screwed onto the device and expand its area of application.

LABpen® MED is mainly used externally on patients. The treatment can be carried out with or without direct contact between the device and the patient’s skin. The supplied attachments must be used for treatment inside natural orifices (dental and ear area).

LABpen® MED can be used on patients of all ages. The patient populations are found within the specified fields of application.

  • Treatment of chronic wounds
  • Treatment of scars
  • Rheumatic and arthritic conditions
  • Treatment of lower back pain
  • Bronchial asthma in children